The 2023 FIM Long Track world championship entry list is known.
The line up is composed by 2022 world championship top 7, 2022 challenge top 4 (or riders finishing is further positions in case riders from top 4 already qualified through the series) and 3 FIM wild cards.
The full calendar will be published in the next few weeks.
Mathieu Trésarrieu – France
Zach Wajtknecht – Great Britain
Chris Harris – Great Britain
Lukas Fienhage – Germany
Romano Hummel – The Netherlands
Theo Pijper – The Netherlands
Kenneth Kruse Hansen – Denmark
James Shanes – Great Britain
Jacob Bukhave – Denmark
Stephan Katt – Germany
Hynek Stichauer – Czech Republic
Martin Smolinski – Germany
Josef Franc – Czech Republic
Mika Meijer – The Netherlands
Max Dilger – Germany
Gaétan Stella – France
Martin Malek – Czech Republic
Tero Aarnio – Finland
Dave Meijerink – The Netherlands
Mathias Trésarrieu – France
Jake Mulford – Great Britain